Recap and thoughts on Microsoft's E3 2011 Presentation

Gabriel May of Push-Start gives us a recap and thoughts on how the Microsoft E3 2011 went down.

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nevin12691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

It sucked. I mean if I was a pre Kinect 360 owner, I would be upset of what the 360 is turning into.

That kinect sports season 2 presentation was just bad.

The golf had way to much lag. And the football was just stupid when the guy was supposely running.

zeal0us2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )


at least some(2 or 3+) was core games every thing else was kid games or xbox dashboard integration. Some seem somewhat unless, I mean how lazy are we(humans) getting whats so hard using a controller/remote.

ME3 voice controls is good but I don't see many ME fans picking up a kinect just to use it.

Fable kinect is good but where is the combat/sword play

Why wasn't ghost recon kinect feature wasn't shown(if it was forgive me plz)

Halo-Kinect was just that a rumor but at least the halo 1 remake is confirm

Sadly the core-kinect titles I was looking for wasn't shown or never existed.

M$ can't hold its hold show on hardcore shooters only ppl(360 owners) are looking for something different or at least new.

Halo 4 was nice but it might of been better with NGXbox rather this gen.

Star war kinect is what nintendo should done ages ago.

Cerberus292691d ago

I love my xbox (and my ps3, so don't call me a fanboy) but I really HATE Kinect.

ufo8mycat2691d ago

Where were the CORE games? Gears 3 ... ... ...

Wow probably one of the worst conferences ever. 1 game.

The 360 platform is close to becoming as stagnent and as useless as the PC platform.

Total failure.