Far Cry 3 E3 2011 Gameplay Video and Dev Interview

Just announced at E3 2011 - here's the E3 2011 gameplay trailer plus a developer interview with game’s producer Dan Hay.

So watch, listen, learn and salivate a little as Producer Dan Hay takes us on an exclusive tourist trail...

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ps3alldayeveryday2722d ago

One of the biggest surprises this E3 hopefully it plays much better than FC2 because I never got to beat FC2, it got way to boring quickly...FC3 is looking to be awesome especially the antagonist.

Joni-Ice2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

"Did I every tell you the definition of insanity?" Thats my new favorite line in a game. AWESOME!

GoldPS32722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

"The world has to be alive"

I agree with him. I like seeing things like grass move when you hit it and clouds moving in the sky. It'll have a more realistic feel to it. I might have to check this game out.

TheGameFoxJTV2721d ago

Games like this and BF3 are pushing the graphics in FPS. MW3 doesn't have a chance anymore. lol