Ubisoft reveals first details on Far Cry 3

Ubisoft has announced Far Cry 3, due for release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in 2012.

The third game in the highly-acclaimed first-person shooter series follows the adventures of Jason Brody, a man who's found himself stranded on a mysterious tropical island.

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limewax2719d ago

This game does look amazing, FC2 lacked a lot, But tis could fill all the holes left in the game easily, Love the theme of the island as well. Everyone's crazy, especially the guy who's up in your face

ATiElite2719d ago

So far Far Cry 3 looks to be a lot better than that mess FC2.

Would like to know what Game Engine it is using. I didn't like FC2 at all but the Dunia Engine was nice.

flankhim2719d ago

Far cry 2 had so much driving. I used to call it Far drive 2.

Omar912719d ago

what really caught my attention was how well the animation and story telling was made. the way that guy that was in your face showed he was pissed, really made the presentation of the game come out

wallis2719d ago

Far cry 2 has aged shockingly well for a game that didn't leave me in ecstasy for the first time around. It's a a good game and I hope the sequel will realize the potential. I felt as though they really fucked up by having such a powerful and fun map maker but limiting you to multiplayer only. How hard would npc spawning have been to put in?

showtimefolks2719d ago

was the awful awful 1st person driving and the respawning enemies

other than that if the 3rd can fix those 2 and improve the overall package i am all in

P_Bomb2719d ago

Yeah, they need to nix those awful checkpoint ambushes/chases. Sooo annoying. And no more guns locking up. It was novel at first but got old really fast, especially on the better weapons.

showtimefolks2719d ago

people saying well gta 4 wasn't as much fun but the physics and everything was real well a game is suppose to be FUN

saints row 3 looks just like GTA:SA in HD i just saw it wow lol

but i have high hopes for far cry 3