Cliffy B: "I dream one day to have EpicCon"

Cliffy B tells NowGamer about his Blizzard "envy" and how he thinks Gears Of War 3 will fare against the likes of Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3.

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ATiElite2423d ago

No Epic-con for you Cliffy B. No one wants a convention where all they do is listen to you brag about yourself.

Gears3 looks Hot! it's on my gotta get list.

lzim2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

speak for yourself. The more partners they have (considering their development tools) the more reason they'd have for a convention just for themselves.

but more than anything though they might want to unlike Blizzard at least diversify the types of games they make in house.

ATiElite2421d ago

Like I said NO Epic CON.
other than Gears what other long lasting franchise does Epic or it's three partners have?

Titan Studios = Fat Princess
Chair entertainment = Shadow complex and two other games that are irrelevant.
People can Fly = Bulletstorm and Painkiller.

Nobody is coming to Epic-con for those titles.

Blizzard on the other hand has 12 million people playing WOW and WOW is it's own community and Starcraft which has huge tournaments during Blizzcon as well as all the top PRO Gamers attend and compete from around the world. Then there is the Diablo series and all it's mods and expansions plus Warcraft the RTS and it's MODS.

Blizzard Kills Epic easily.

Shok2422d ago

It'd just be an EgoCon. Seriously dude you wouldn't deserve that. You make decent games but at the same time they've been staling and all of your characters look the same =/. Work on something new. Do you have some variety?

bluegreenman2421d ago

do you make videogames with more variety? Im tired of seeing people like you act like your any better.

Hazmat132422d ago

MLK reference? if so GTFO!

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