Cliffy B: "I love Kinect. It's PS Move I dog on"

Cliffy B tells NowGamer what he thinks of PlayStation Move, and discusses the possibility of a Gears of War game on Kinect.

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LOGICWINS2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Uh oh

@Silly- It's hilarious how you try to take the high road by saying that people shouldn't overreact to this...yet your so concerned about the actions of a random person you don't know to the point that you call them "bipolar"

Maybe you should stop worrying about what I'm doing and stop overreacting about my actions.

BakedGoods2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

He's paid to love it. The true, non-biased gamers don't see it as anything more than a casual-grab.

captain-obvious2719d ago

i dont know what this guy got on PS move

did PS MOVE rape him or something ?

Army_of_Darkness2719d ago

Ms... If you pay me thousands of dollars, i will dog on ps3 and love kinect as well:-]

lil Titan2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

people who blab about randomness are normally the retards in life...why is this news? and i see a few cliffy butt buddy fans are here to disagree any and everyone one who speaks the truth about that guy

Raven_Nomad2719d ago

He's not paid to love it. In fact he even said so when Kinect released. He said he was going to hit up the Kinect launch in New York to support his MS friends and "No he isn't paid to do it".

Sometime people are just friends with companies. Cliffy B and MS have a great relationship.

sikbeta2719d ago

SORRY GUYS! but what it means to be "dog-ed on"? it has anything to do with doggy style? if so ROFLMAO! XD

blitz06232719d ago

Poor Cliffy B is in denial. He knows he can't win Sony fans anymore so he just tries to "back up" his words, but in truth he knows he wants to make a game that is not just 360 exclusive.

That or he's just a pathetic Xbox fanboy.

Tell you what, Cliffy B, it's not too late. Look what happened to Valve



He tryed. It was called Bulletstorm. Everyone dumped it and got Killzone 3 instead...

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Silly gameAr2719d ago

You give yourself to much credit. You're usually the first in almost any article to make a snide remark to get people to notice, then pop back in to defend yourself and judge everyone that disagrees with you. Just calling it like I see it.

slate912719d ago

Thats why he has 4 bubbles and you have 2 =x . Just calling it like I see it.

solidjun52718d ago

Well what do you expect from him? Logic or (his other name...) is always like that. I call it how I see it.

FACTUAL evidence2719d ago

Ok it's final. Cliff is just a raging fanboy now. Fuck em.....NEXT!

DeleteThisxx2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Guys, who cares if he loves Kinect...

While he's playing Sesame Street and embarking on a journey through a virtual Disneyland people who enjoy Move will be playing Sorcery, No More Heroes, Various FPS's, etc..

Go play Kinect Cliffy B. Your maturity level sure fits its demographic

Jack-Dangerously2718d ago

LMAO "While he's playing Sesame Street" *slow clap* VERY funny.

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morgle2719d ago

I think Cliffy needs to concentrate more on Gears 3, because Mass Effect 3 graphics and gameplay annihilated anything gears had to offer!

TBM2719d ago

cliffy i dont care what you say. kinect=extreme shovelware in my book.

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Silly gameAr2719d ago ShowReplies(1)
kratos1232719d ago

why does he feel the need to make these stupid fanboy comments.

Gantz2719d ago

Because the **SPOILED LITTLE BRAT** has probably been used to attention all of his life.
I wouldn't be surprised if Cliffy B was a smart ass bully in his younger days.

It's great to have an opinion, but these smart ass comments are getting old very fast.
CLASSLESS??? You tell me...

Bull5hifT2719d ago

BULLY?..... i never seen a Girly Wimpy Candy A$$ Bully Before

sikbeta2719d ago

Bully? you serious... how could a dude called Clifford be a Bully!? XD

DrRichtofen2718d ago

@ sikbeta

Have you ever seen catdog?

Ilikegames762718d ago

His other nickname is Dude Huge, must be compensating for something.

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Feckles2719d ago

He's got a point. There's a lot of plastic involved with Move – two controllers, a camera, a recharge station. It's a hassle to set up and play, in my opinion.

strickers2719d ago Show
MinusTheBear2719d ago

Its a hassle to deal with all that camera lag in Kinect.

blumatt2719d ago

@ strickers
lol hahaha

People, at least Move has hardcore games and ones that actually work with the Move. Kinect won't work too good for hardcore games until the Kinect 2.0 comes out for 720.

BrianG2719d ago

Well, to be fair, at least I don't have to rearrange my living room to play.

Also when you first hook up move, it's ready to play.

With Kinect you have to do the calibration, which can be a hassle depending on your living space.

Granted, Move has to calibrate every game, but it is a much quicker calibration.

optimus2718d ago

hmmm, in what sense is it quicker? to calibrate kinect doesn't take more than 1 min or 2 at best. and you only have to do it once (depending on your lighting). unlike the move, you DON'T have to do it for every game.

BrianG2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

I agree it is a one and done procedure, but it certainly takes longer than a minute.

My brother had to do it twice due to complications with space, and it took him well over 5 minutes.

Just stepping into each one of those squares and posing alone takes about 4 to 5 minutes in a tight living space.

Move is just point, click, done with most FPS's. With The Fight, (longest calibration I've seen), arms out, click, arms in, click. And a few more options depending on if your just starting the game or not.

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