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a_bro2419d ago

looks like a Inglorious Basterds approach. Dont like the idea.

Warprincess1162419d ago

Yep, they should get out the WW2 setting and go into a modern or future setting. WW2 is boring.

Pintheshadows2419d ago

Yeah because thats exactly what we need. More modern war shooters. At this point WW2 will seem like a fresh idea.

showtimefolks2419d ago


you are right it looks like it will be a lot of fast paced action fun.

now if gearbox would be nice to announce borderlands 2 i would be super happy

Pandamobile2419d ago

Inglorious Basterds: The Game.


MonkJammas2419d ago

This is very much Inglorious Basterds: The Game lol.

When Randy said they were taking a new approach to War, I thought he meant it might actually have an emotional narrative. Oh well.

CaptCalvin2419d ago

Emotional narrative would be BiA's old approach to war.

psb2419d ago

they way they're heading for.

zeal0us2419d ago

WW2 ended 60+ years ago just let those soldiers rest in peace already, jeez getting tired of WW2, even in school there are other wars you know(@ game developers)

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