E3 2011: Why Can’t We Use Our Headsets? – Microsoft Conference Summary (StickTwiddlers)

It was another Kinect heavy conference this year for Microsoft's keynote presentation, with a big focus on how the motion control hardware, specifically the voice control feature, is being implemented into the more ‘hardcore’ titles due to arrive on the console over the next year.

Includes all trailers and gameplay demo videos for each announcement.

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B-Real2062628d ago

That's actually a good question.

WhittO2628d ago

Thats EXACTLY what I said before.

It would work so much better if people didn't have to shout clearly to their TV for everything!

Especially since you can't exactly have your Surround sound booming while playing the game with that trying to pick you up haha.

A headset would fix alot.

Can you imagine playing through ME and for EVERY choice having to shout at your TV? haha, I'll give that 15 min if that...

Anarki2628d ago

Obviously microsoft believe in gimmicks, seeing as it worked for others... y'know..........mentioning no names.

RedDead2628d ago

Wait I thought we CAN use headsets...

MasterCornholio2628d ago

And why is it exclusive to Kinect? WIth any headset they could do this tech. But they choose only Kinect because Microsoft wants to sell Kinect Devices. But the question is will people buy kinect just so they can use voice commands?

DaThreats2628d ago

Why cant they use move?

zootang2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

Because "Jazz Hands" is the way forward!


theonlylolking2628d ago

That is what I was saying to myself. Why would we need kinect when we have headsets?

Nicaragua2628d ago ShowReplies(1)
DeFFeR2628d ago

Because our headsets don't have motion sensing controls?

Not defending the peripheral, but it does have some cool games for my kids while I play the regular core games (mostly third party, but still).

Not mad at all about the lack of core games thus far - the Ghost Recon demo looked promising - needs a better movement system, instead of the "rails" system employed by Fable and Star Wars.

ImmortalLegend2628d ago

Exactly, Microsoft really pissed me off with this conference. They are pretty much trying to force people to buy Kinect. I'm not gonna be forced to buy anything, especially something I find kinda ridiculous like Kinect.