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Neckbear2423d ago

A platformer that actually looks and plays like a platformer.

Awww yeah.

a_bro2423d ago

yea, this looks awesome.

The Great Melon2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

This is one of my most anticipated games. Can't wait til I get off work to watch some footage. Last year's trailer had the game already sold in my book.

showtimefolks2423d ago

when me and my cousin use to play rayman after we came back from school. great memories i am glad ubi goign back to its original roots while adding fresh ideas

can't wait any release date? is this a full retail game or psn/xblive?

kingboy2423d ago

hope it gets release for NGP

lil Titan2423d ago

it would be a great game for it wouldnt it

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