New 'The Old Republic' Trailer Proves Why George Lucas Should Let Others Handle Star Wars

From TMP:

The latest cinematic trailer (which is actually the opening cinematic for the game) for Star Wars: The Old Republic has just debuted at this year's E3 event. After watching it, it's almost plain to see this as the proof needed that George Lucas should let others handle his story from here on out.

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ATiElite2722d ago

very disappointed that No NEW game play footage was shown and NO release date was given which is OK as I hope they fix some of the things that is wrong with game.

This game has dried up an enormous amount of EA and Bioware's time and money so they better step up the production of SW instead of making fancy CGI trailers.

metsgaming2722d ago

Battlefront 3, im going to say this on every star wars article not about battlefront 3 until it happens.

iceman29292722d ago

@metsb... hahaha I feel the same way.

But I agree with the author...this intro was better in every way then some of the entire movies.