Was Announcing Halo 4 In 2011 Counter Productive?

Andy from GamerEuphoria, writes:

"All right, I’ve given this editorial 60 minutes to circulate my mind since the end of Microsoft’s E3 conference. To read full key-notes and impression, follow me here. Fill your mind with the events that just transpired – then come back.

Microsoft’s announcement of the returning Halo series was easily their gem of the conference. Now before I get started, I would like to clarify that I am in fact a fan of the Halo universe. I wouldn’t denote myself a fanboy of the franchise, but I’ve enjoyed the games in the series up until now.

I tried to let the shock-value (or lack thereof) drain from me before I began writing this editorial. I’m not really sure how I feel about this announcement – usually I have a pretty opinionated mindset, but here, I’m baffled.

Let’s start from the beginning. Was the actual announcement of Halo 4 diminished due to the accidental information leak on the official xbox website earlier this afternoon?"

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Abash2751d ago

They had to announce it. If not, it would've been just a bunch of Kinect games being announced at their conference

AEtherbane2751d ago

Lets be honest, announcing Halo 4 would have been efective no matter when they did it.

Active Reload2751d ago

I wish more games would be release 6 months or less later, lol. Holiday 2012? I don't want to care...tis torture.

AEtherbane2751d ago

@ disagrees. I'm just saying, the game has such huge name recognition that its announcement, like this one now, is going to strike hugely at its fanbase and people who have played the game. Weather you think the game is good or bad, it doesn't matter.

lil Titan2751d ago

@AEtherbane yeah Halo has a lot of fans for some odd reason

AAACE52751d ago

The thing is, everything MS are doing leads to their next console being released next year!

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fluffydelusions2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Well need to give something to core gamers to look forward to in 2012. GeoW3 was this years 360 title. Next year, Halo 4.

GamerEuphoria2751d ago

But surely the likes of Assassins Creed and Skyrum could have kept us occupaid a little longer?

fluffydelusions2751d ago

I was referring to exclusive titles.

5119ent2751d ago

they never tire from the halo /fabel/gears round about so give it to them

Active Reload2751d ago

The same for Ratchet and Clank? Seriously, I wish I could get as many Gears of War games as the Ratchet and Clank fans get, also COD. Since Gears of War is probably my favorite franchise, I only get a new game every 2 years? This time it'll be 3 years. But there are interesting games that come out in between that time so it's not too bad.

IRetrouk2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

all for 1 is only the 3rd release this gen for ratchet n clank, unless your counting a downloadable game that can be compleated in about an hour.

Just_The_Truth2751d ago

like last year and gears it'll keep people on board until next year. Imagine if gears had been released in april though that would have been a drought.

5119ent2751d ago

what else did they have.........they had to

GamerEuphoria2751d ago

But doesn't that fix things only in the short term (aka till the end of the fiscal year)? Wouldn't they need something equally as big to bring attention to their next console.

Tony P2751d ago

Or it could be a nice opportunity to focus on some new original properties. That's my wish, however unrealistic.

Sarobi2751d ago

Microsoft: . . . .
(Big red button titled "Press if panicking")
(Halo 4 reveal)
Microsoft: :D well i think that saved us

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