Microsoft E3 2011 Review in a nutshell = Kinect + Casual + Usual + Halo 4

Microsoft’s E3 presser was all about Kinect,boatloads of Modern Warfare 3 and Mass Effect 3,Kinect dashboard,more Kinect games and Halo 4 announcement.
The whole conference felt like a Pre-E3 event loaded with motion and voice stuff catering to Casual audience while the inclusion of the Kinect features to Hardcore games like ME2 and Ghost Recon only felt like an afterthought addition without any substantial substance to its inclusion.

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shreeveera2720d ago

This was a Horrible press conference.
Like a popular saying here said: try to do lots, and you'll do little. Appeal to both casual and core? Well, to me they didn't deliver in any way.Boring casual games and few core games that we all knew/speculated about.

shreeveera2720d ago

Sony's presser was waaay better imo.
Great exclusive game lineup and PSVITA ruled the day and MOVE support to Bioshock Infinite is a welcome feature considering the scope of the game.

xer02720d ago

The only time Microsoft made a significant announcement at E3 - was the launch of Kinect.

Seriously, it's the same old games.
Hardly any surprises.

And that womans annoying voice, as she told the Xbox to search for x-men.

Rikan2720d ago

Who approves these articles, seriously? Why have a 'trolling' button when bias articles such as this are allowed?

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