Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale - Press Start

Choose from one of four fairly standard classes and start senselessly mashing your way through goblins. A game where the character generator lies to your face, Daggerdale is a sight to behold.

The Press Start series puts a spin on the mantra "try before your buy" opting instead for "look before you buy". Get a look at the opening 30ish minutes of a medley of games.

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pixboy2723d ago

I'm loving all of your 'Press Start' videos. This one was particularly epic.

Cwalk8162723d ago

Pretty funny, the game itself doesn't look that interesting though.

yamzilla2723d ago

it's mediocre, i have had a bit of fun with it, very low production values, like ZERO voice acting, but pretty solid hack and slash, got it for $15 in old gamestop credit so it was not too bad, but i bet you'll see it on steam for $5 soon!