Gears of War 3's Griffin Revealed With Ice T E3 2011 Live

Ice T joins Kevin Pereira and Epic's Cliff Bleszinski at E2 2011 for the inside scoop on Griffin, his character in Gears of War 3 and how he became a part of this highly anticipated game.

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DaThreats2723d ago

Why can't there be a character of Cliffyb? lol

zeal0us2723d ago

too bad cole couldn't have a brother then again one cole is enough lol

Active Reload2723d ago

Ice T's character's gameplay looked...WOW!

50Terabytespersec2723d ago

ICE MF'IN T! The game finally gots some ballz but to bad it looks like the same ass UNREAL engine that everyone is using..the colors the effects same stuff once again like claydough