Kinect is the Future, but the Future is Getting Old

So most of you probably either watched the Microsoft press conference, or have at least read about it by now, and know it was all about Kinect. There was plenty of good and bad there, but the overriding thing I noticed was that the Kinect is just not delivering in this new age of motion-controlled games.

Kinect was a pretty exciting achievement when it came out, because we thought it was going to take motion gaming to the next level, but it’s starting to look more like a toy than a gaming device. The slew of on-rails games seems, to me at least, as a huge step backwards for gaming.

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Cerberus292722d ago

I just wanna see games were I can use the standard controller in tandem with the Kinect. The way it stands now Kinect=casual, Controller=hardcore. The only way their gonna get hardcore gamers to buy into Kinect is to allow them to continue using the standard controller but enhance it with Kinect.

Rhythmattic2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )


So true...its what is achieved by the PS3 Eye...

I think MS wants to trump the physical only motion control idea... Sony tried this years ago.. and to no fanfare...

Kinect is aimed at the casual crowd, there is no denying it. But you are right, MS should do a service to the hardcore, it should definitely be their next move (pun intended)