Street Fighter 3: Third Strike – Online Edition will arrive this summer for $15

The latest details of Street Fighter 3: Third Strike - Online Edition were revealed such as price and release date

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Vegivo2575d ago

Most likely the trailer just says summer :(

MoveTheGlow2575d ago

I can't wait! The connoisseur's fighting game is about to arrive...

Shinuz2575d ago

i loved this game, but the music... ohh the music.. it was the worst i ever heard in a videogame.

iamgoatman2575d ago

I always thought some of the music was rather catchy, it was the announcer that was the problem.

ps3rulz2575d ago

No psn release? well that sucks.

Vegivo2575d ago

Its releasing on PSN and XBLA :)

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