E3 2011: 3 Moves Link Needs to Have at E3 in Skyward Sword

Sword set to be a front-runner in Nintendo's arsenal of first party titles, we thought it would be fun to think of some interesting new maneuvers for Link to dispatch and evade his oppressors.

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BubbleSniper2747d ago

only one move I am looking forward to seeing Link do.

The Move to HD.

5119ent2747d ago

I think I am the only one tired of Zelda.....But still buys it

StbI9902747d ago

So forgot this existed...shame on u nintendo

pcz2747d ago

i dont give a shit about zelda on wii, its too late. move the project over to cafe. my eyes cant handle blurry low res anymore, its 2011!

tunaks12747d ago

You let resolution dictate what games you play?

chanmasta2747d ago

After last E3, I think Link just needs stable moves, LOL.

Looking forward to hearing/seeing more about this game though.