EA’s E3 Conference Impressions

GOS writes,"Next up for today was EA’s conference and, as always, EA does not disappoint. Let’s just jump right into this..."

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Troublesome6262750d ago

better than the Microsoft conference that's for sure

metsgaming2750d ago

oh no questions Battlefield 3 alone crushed it

Urrakia342750d ago

I thought the Battlefield 3 demo could've been ALOT better. It also bothers me that DICE still hasn't shown any console gameplay.

metsgaming2750d ago

yea i wanted them to show some flight gameplay but maybe they have a suprise at Sony's conference, they said that they will show PC and PS3 footage, so i hear.

5119ent2750d ago

thats not saying was very very bad for MS

Agent-862750d ago

I believe the author of the article agrees with you and the last two sentences sums it up: "Everything that they showed was nothing less than amazing, as usual. It’s nice to have that to make up for Microsoft’s Kinect Catastrophe."

showtimefolks2750d ago

they tell you up front how many devs and games they will be showing and they shoe em

mass effect 3 looks great on new engine
BF3 i wanted to see more gameplay but what i saw amazing

insomniac's new game looks kickass and it has the insomniac's humor

over all great showing EA and MS what the hell again this year we are just gonna see 3-4 games and rest kinect stuff

also i don't ever want a xbox360 fan to tell sony fans of milking a franchise when all i saw was fable,forza and halo all over again

not metter what sony or nintendo show they will be #1 or #2 and MS as usual #3 e3 conference grade wise

maybe i sound a bit pissed the reason ebing we all expected this to be the e3 where we would see more and all we saw was what we knew already

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MinusTheBear2750d ago

It was great but lacking... hype maybe? The only surprise was Insomniac's game really and even then I'm not sure what to think of it. Too many CGI trailers.

TheLastGuardian20102750d ago

It's insomniac, what's there to think about?

TheLastGuardian20102750d ago

Battlefield 3 looked AMAZING.

Overstrike looked amazing and had that nice Insomniac Humor

Yes, ea blew microsoft out of the water...

Shazz2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

battlefield did look outstanding , the subway level it showed for online was so good . fifa community bit was excellent too

KingZFlipper2750d ago

Before I clicked on the article, I knew somebody would comment on Microsoft's press conference. First comment: BAM! what a surprise...

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