E3 2011: Insomniac's Overstrike Pre-Strikes E3 writes, "Insomniac’s multi-platform game for Xbox and PS3 was finally unveiled today at EA’s press conference. All we got to see though was the look and feel of the game’s style in a pre-rendered trailer and not any actual gameplay. Overstrike is colorful, cartoony and humorous with zany weapons more along the lines of Rachet & Clank than Resistance. For instance, one of the weapons was an expanding goo gun that stuck an enemy to a wall."

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andresegers2746d ago

So glad they showed this!

Warprincess1162746d ago

Ya im glad there 2 females characters. Im assuming this is like a co-op action game which is a huge plus. I wish this was exclusive to PS3. This would of been a huge title.

5119ent2746d ago

Sony turned it down for a reason...

BiggCMan2746d ago

I'd like to know where you found that out 5119ent. I never heard that anywhere, as far as I know, Insomniac just wanted to expand their talent and let more people play their games. They have always been an independent company, but just happened to only make games for Playstation. They are still developing for Playstation, but also making their first game on different platforms.

slate912746d ago

Yeah, I totally wish it was exclusive so the game couldn't reach a larger audience and the studio had a risk of not making as much money.

Hellsvacancy2746d ago

BiggCMan, im sure Insomniac approached Sony with there new idea (as theyve been friends for a long while)

morganfell2746d ago

Anyone else getting a weird Incredibles vibe from this game?

-Alpha2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )


Insomniac have stated that they wanted to own the IP.

This looks good IMO-- I'm glad it's not a generic war shooter, and while I'm disappointed that it has shooting mechanics, I'm glad to see that they are taking it lightly. I'm just hoping it's 3rd person and has some nice gameplay instead of being a standard shooter affair.

There are obvious influences from the Incredibles and Valve

ZombieAssassin2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

The reason Sony isnt publishing it is because ever since the Crash Bandicoot incident they wont publish a game without getting ownership of the IP and IG want to own an IP.

Cant wait to see the game in action though I love IG and everything they have done.

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b_one2746d ago

btw if they can make this game nice sweet and good lookin, im fine

Redempteur2746d ago

i enjoyed the reveal ... nice set of characters .. nice action ... and with insomniac i know that they know how to make an action game..

let's wait for some gameplay footage , now

Relientk772746d ago

It looks good based off what I've seen

I love Insomniac Games, they make great games

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