E3 2011: Microsoft Press Conference Roundup (

A full roundup, including some of the trailers, of Microsoft's E3 2011 Press Conference!

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GunofthePatriots2745d ago

2nd year in a row microsoft failed. all they did was focus again on the worthless kinect and show games that we already knew about.

EVILDEAD3602745d ago

And just like last year the Kinect haters are meaningless..Micrsoft has a made clear case for selling another 10 milli after E3..

I've said it all along..all they needed to do was stay in their lane and play to their strengths. Kinect, Xbox Live, and their core franchises are the heart of the 360..

Now the haters whining about..bu-bu-but no hardcore games..need a new argument

Ghost Recon and every Clancy title (read Rainbow Six) thereafter

Mass Effect 3

Almost every EA Sports game

MineCraft etc.

To top it off the top four franchises were present

Halo Anniversary And Halo 4 next year
Gear of War 3
Fable: Journey
Forza 4

Micrsoft got the hardcore 360 fans as well as the families (Disney and Sesame Street are going to be great for kids)

Sony and Nintendo will do their thing and I can't wait to see em' both..but they ALL have different strengths

Great day for gamers..


Blacksand12745d ago

Most of the stuff they showed may come on both platform beside the stuff for kinect you have about 3-5 games only coming to 360.

Blacksand12745d ago

I'm glad Sony have real games not kids games like Microsoft all you have is 3-4 AAA titles and the rest of them for kinect. What a waste of time watching that.

2745d ago