Battlefield 3 -- new direct-feed screenshots

EA's released new screens from their E3 demo.

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Crazyglues2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Awesome, Awesome, job Dice... **Phone Rings** - its Activision, they want to know who just ate Call of Duty's Modern Warfare 3's Lunch,... ah that would be BF3...

MW3 you just got OWNED!!


Jack-Dangerously2696d ago

*answers the phone* WAZAAAAAAAAAP from 10 years ago. Sorry for that lol. -_-

I think they still have room for dessert.

BeastlyRig2696d ago

And unlike Mw3 we will be having a beta meaning less bugs at launch!


And MW3 will charge for a service when BF3 will do it for free offering the same service.

MW3 is done.

NateCole2696d ago

For the life of me i don't know why people would chose MWF3 over BF3 if they have to chose.

Epic Wars with epic graphics with epic variety of gameplay is pure win.

waterboy2696d ago

cause no one wants to ride for 30 miles to confrontation of an enemy nor ride vehicles all the time, what are we supposed to choose this game cause of graphics, oh yeah i thought the game is supposed to take a HUGE graphics drop on ps3 and 360, why want that if cod mw3 will look just as they have shown

NateCole2696d ago

Graphics/Gameplay/team work/bigger maps.

Its a bigger sense of war and you feel like a part of it.

I do understand though if you are the impatient trigger happy rambo camper type gamer you would choose MWF3.