E3 2011: Battlefield 3 Coming October 25 writes, "EA announced that Battlefield 3 is coming out October 25 at their E3 press conference. The highly-anticipated shooter is coming out for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Developer DICE also revealed that the open beta will start in September. "

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Peppino72722d ago

Man those graphics and that tank gameplay looks AWESOME!!!!! So impressive!!

Phantasm2722d ago

I'm excited, but all we have seen is footage running on a high end PC. Back on April 10th, it was announced all over the place that the console version would be running at 30FPS.

NateCole2722d ago

tank gameplay is enough for me to buy it.

limewax2722d ago

So? all battlefield games on consoles ran 30, surely you dont expect them to up the graphics, animations, scale, audio and still find room to double the framerate?

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FishCake9T42722d ago

It makes sense not to release it near Skyrim, Uncharted and MW3.

evrfighter2722d ago

Its actually leading the pack of the holiday group.

MariaHelFutura2722d ago

The MP trailer is insane. I`m 100% buying this for my PS (I don`t game on the PC)

Crazyglues2722d ago

I love that it's coming out before Nov 8, just in time to eat Activision's Lunch.. LoL

Can't Wait..


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newsguy2722d ago

i pray it doesnt get delayed

Jack-Dangerously2722d ago

*fingers crossed*

I of course would like the game TOMORROW, but this sure beats November!! :D

Killzone3Helghast2722d ago

Hopefuly I can get this on Steam and not that lame Origin thing. Day 1!

PLAYER50952722d ago

game demo ea showed was wack!!

mcsm2722d ago

the tank level got boring after a while, but i guess you have to actually play the game to enjoy those moments.

PLAYER50952722d ago

thats wut i thought boring as hell. thought that demo didnt do justice to the beast of battlefield they shoulda showed somethin else

ASSASSYN 36o2722d ago

A couple of weeks before it is abandon for skyrim. Damn I hate being a gamer when so many good games occupy near or the same release dates!

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The story is too old to be commented.