E3 EA Conference: Reckoning: Kingdoms of Amalur

Reckoning: Kingdoms of Amalur shown at EA's E3 conference.

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dc12661d ago

The graphics looked slightly better than Fable.
I hope this game is good. We never can have to many good RPGs.

BiggCMan2661d ago

I was also surprised, it looks like a great game just from the small trailer they had. Good luck to the new company 38 studios!

Biggest2661d ago

I loved Schilling as a Phillie. I hope to love his game. There can never be too many GOOD (keyword) RPGs.

Pintheshadows2661d ago

Yay finally. I think this will be one of the surprise games of next year. It looks fantastic, has a great concept and some brilliant individuals involved in its creation.

Touted as Oblivion meets God of War. WIN!

Ser2661d ago

You know why I'll buy this game on launch? Because Ken Rolston and Todd McFarlane are involved. Plus, it looked super-duper awesome.

VampiricDragon2661d ago

honestly after watching skyrim for 7 minutes, this wasnt impressive. But neither was mass effect 3 to me in terms of being an rpg.

Ser2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Why compare Reckoning to Skyrim? In my opinion, they're two totally different games with totally different styles.

Edit: Well, Kingdom Hearts is also a singleplayer action RPG, but I don't compare it to The Elder Scrolls games...

VampiricDragon2661d ago

they are both action single player rpgs. Pretty similar .

Biggest2661d ago

Is Mass Effect 3 a RPG? Sure doesn't look like it.

Pintheshadows2661d ago

I couldn't disagree with you anymore. This game sounds like it will be a fantastic new IP for RPG gamers everywhere.

showtimefolks2661d ago

i thought that this was pc only but i am very glad its coming to ps3/xbox360.. for me on ps3

once nintendo announce their next console any chance many of these games end up on wii HD too?

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