Modern Warfare 3 E3 Gameplay Analysis

At Microsoft’s E3 presentation Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games showed off ten minutes worth of pure gameplay. So what does the video show?

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TomInc2477d ago

After watching the BF3 on EA's conference just now I'm torn..

yen8882476d ago

I want to like BF more than CoD but I find CoD just more fun to be honest

BonhamZ0S02476d ago

Analysis: It looks like Modern Warfare 2.

Jack-Pyro2476d ago

Upon further analysis you've plagiarized your comment from about 100 other people, -100 points, automatic fail.

See me after class.

badz1492476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

do we really need an analysis for a 2009's game? oh wait...this is releasing this year?

everything about it MEH especially with BF3 in bounds!

CrimsonEngage2476d ago

Analysis: Same shit different year.

Shackdaddy8362476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

Analysis: It was basically all on rails. Seriously, did anyone else notice this? The scuba diving (I'm assuming this is rails or at least very very close to it), the boat ride. Only thing that wasn't was when they entered the sub for like 2 minutes.

I bet you won't have to even shoot a bullet in this level just like you didn't have to in the first level of the Black Ops campaign.

TomInc2476d ago

I hate campaigns and games like that... kinda like to get straight into it... sure it introduces the story! But it can drag a hell of a lot!

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