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Hidalgo2724d ago

My god, best FPS this year confirmed.

BakedGoods2724d ago

Wow, that looked completely insane!


velocitygamer2724d ago

Cod, say hello to your long lost brother, Battlefield.

captain-obvious2724d ago

that looked epic
and it shows they got the same brutal melee system KZ3 had


WhittO2724d ago

This looks SO much better than COD!!

Deff getting this instead, you can just tell they have put so much more effort etc into this game than the £50 COD Map Packs...

user8586212724d ago

cannot freaking wait!!!! *goes to change pants*

MariaHelFutura2724d ago

Holy sh!t. I`m not really even that into competitive MP games...... and that got me hype.

Hidalgo2724d ago

The video is coming in HD in a few minutes.

Mr Tretton2724d ago

Hell, this could be FPS of the generation!

iHEARTboobs2724d ago

Damn, makes me want a sick computer.

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Semir2724d ago

OMFG Best Multiplayer in a FPS game ever !!!

Hellsvacancy2724d ago

I know, im genuinely shocked, it looked mental, ill be buyin it for me PS3, i know it wont look AS good as that but hell, im not fussy (except when it comes to women and weed)

Daz2724d ago

just seen the tank gameplay:p looks real;/

DavidMacDougall2724d ago

I'm not a big fan of COD but i will say its got the sales over BF ...sry lol

KillerPwned2724d ago

By sales you are correct but gameplay is where i am looking.

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The story is too old to be commented.