E3 EA Conference: Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Old Republic makes an appearance at EA's E3 event.

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Ser2746d ago

I usually don't gush over CG trailers, but this one was particularly amazing.

fluffydelusions2746d ago

It was great but I was hoping to see a release at the end of it =\

5119ent2746d ago

This game is taking way too long...

Myze2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

While I think large parts (maybe all?) of the CG trailer is taken from the past ones they have released, I think they are insanely well done. I would love to see an Old Republic movie done by these guys in the same style.

That being said, I didn't really mind that they didn't show any gameplay footage. There really wasn't much of a need. There is so much gameplay footage available for their game, especially at the official site, it wasn't really necessary. Maybe a gameplay compilation trailer would be good, but still, not needed by any means.

Release date would have been nice. Really hoping they hold to the 2011 release that the devs have been sticking with.

5119ent2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I think 2012.....but like halfway done so really 20 13....its star wars it makes people way to ambitions and end up pleasing no one....

Myze2746d ago

Sounds like something you just made up, because EVERYTHING the developers are saying, up to just a week or so ago still 100% plans on a 2011 release date. I tend to trust the developers and inside sources over rumors and such.

Will bet money though that if it isn't released this year, it will be in the first quarter 2012. Still it seems very likely that it will be released this year, considering how finished the game seems based on videos shown.

5119ent2746d ago

u show me gameplay videos....i have seen gameplay videos for mmos that come out in 3 years....whats up with them

trounbyfire2746d ago

with any other studio no showing gameplay this late the media would kill

wish the cg was a movie instead

Kal11382746d ago

They have shown a lot of gameplay footage already (before E3) and they will be showing more stuff in the next days.

Here's the full E3 trailer, which is actually the intro cinematic for the game. The one they showed at the event was just a montage using footage from the old trailers and this new one.

BeastlyRig2746d ago

This game will be EPIC!!