E3 2011: Microsoft Press Conference Impressions (WiredController)

"After a lukewarm acceptance by many fans of Microsoft’s press conference last year, many believed this year to be a sort of a comeback year for Microsoft. While Microsoft did have some really amazing content, unfortunately it was mostly bogged down by too much Kinect games and uninteresting service announcements."

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Misterhbk2745d ago

I agree with this score completely. The show was just...not good. MS needs more first party studios asap.

gameguru2745d ago

yep no surprises there, everything was kinda known to appear

BakedGoods2745d ago

Yep. MS lost E3 already.

karl2745d ago

Ms obviously needs more kinect games..

b163o12745d ago

Sesame Street, Disney playland, even the StarWars looked like Sh*t

TBM2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

OMFG i just finished watching it since i had it recorded on my dvr while at work. WTF microsoft why all this kinect crap?

i feel like gaming was set back 2 decades.

best part for me was Tomb Raider, Gears looked cool, cod looked the same as the others. kingdoms again WTF?

the editor for kotaku is a bleeding idiot, he gave them a B WTF that site is sooooooooooo far up M$ a$$ i don't know what to say.

2745d ago
TBM2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

if i didn't already own a 360 and was now deciding to see if i should get one i honestly would not pick one up.

i can not believe we as gamers are ok with this. why in the hell are we letting this happen or co-signing this sh*t?

i will never support this shovelware crap.

FACTUAL evidence2745d ago

You pay for a good service. What's the point of doing so without the games MS? I don't think everyone wants to play gears and halo EVERY fuckin E3...get some new IP's dam!

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b163o12745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )


Don't get me wrong, Kinect is doing a lot better then I imagined, but no strong 1st party games or exclusives is a failure in my book



SuperKing2745d ago

Their most predictable E3 ever. The only thing I was surprised at was Minecraft appearing on consoles but then again, it was going to appear someday. :/

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2745d ago

Lol, the site died.

Honestly, I wasn't expecting anything more from Microsoft.

Cherchez La Ghost2745d ago

I agree that this was not the best, but MS gave games for all ages. Everything cannot be based around core games today. People beoitched about Kinect having no games. Now, MS having core game intergrated with Kinect. MS is trying to make the 360 a multi-media powerhouse.

clarkdef2745d ago

But most people who come to N4G want to here about there world enhancing not vanishing, there's a fear that we will lose what we love. If this stuff takes over.

Because it does sell and it's most likely cheaper to produce. It's fear that's getting everyone reacting.