Tomb Raider Gameplay Footage Examined

This evening saw Microsoft give premier to Tomb Raiders first live gameplay demo. This is something many gamers have wanted to see since the Fridays CG trailer. Did the gameplay stack up to the standard? We examine and analyse the footage presented!

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TomInc2596d ago

It was a bit dark.. but I'm interested to see how this fares up against Uncharted 3!! Think it has some chance!

Active Reload2596d ago

I wish they would've shown more.

captain-obvious2596d ago

they took alot from uncharted

its funny how they ripped a game that ppl said that the game (uncharted) ripped Tomb raider at the first place


LOGICWINS2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

No one "ripped" anything.

Both the Uncharted and Tomb Raider franchises have simply drawn inspiration from each other.

No different from how David Jaffe said that the Prince of Persia and DMC franchises influenced God of War. Even the contact sensitive quick time events from God of War were inspired by the quick time events in the Mark of Kri.

Just like there would be no Splinter Cell without MGS, there would be no Uncharted without Tomb Raider.

Now if were talking Dante's Inferno...THAT was a straight rip-off IMO.

hoof1232596d ago

It looks influenced by Uncharted, which is NOWAY a bad thing. It's got me interested in Tomb Raider again!

TomInc2596d ago

Uncharted drew from Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones in the same style Tomb Raider did initially... I think it's kinda becme a loop now.

hoof1232596d ago

Yeah that's very true! Things really do come full circle.

LOGICWINS2596d ago

I don't know why you have three disagrees. Naughty Dog themselves have said in interviews that they've drawn inspiration from the Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider franchises.

gameguru2596d ago

this game looks awesome, only problem is 2012 release date :(

Son_Lee2596d ago

2012 release date is an amazing thing. It looks this good already. Just imagine what 18 more months of polish will do!

fluffydelusions2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

I for one am glad to see that instead of "Coming November 2011" like every other game.

despair2596d ago

looks interesting but the groaning and annoying sounds she makes starts to grate easy. Plus that was probably the dumbest, random and most pointless puzzle I've ever seen, too much QTE as well. Still there is potential and its a year off.

FAGOL2596d ago

Yeah them noises she made were to annoying. Still looks good and I like the dark feel to it. They could of showed some open world gameplay though.

DigitalAnalog2596d ago

And also, NFS: The run seems to share some Heavy Rain elements too. Looks like David Cage was more influential then thought.

-End statement

MinusTheBear2596d ago

IKR! That scene where he gets stuck in the car instantly brought me back to Heavy Rain.

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