First Disneyland Adventures screenshots

Microsoft released the first screenshots of Disneyland Adventures.

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TomInc2744d ago

Voice controlled TV, Disney in your living room.. Do MS want you to leave your living room?! :P

tweet752744d ago

sadly this was a highlight of microsofts press conference

JellyJelly2744d ago

You think? I thought the Funlabs and Halo 4 announcements were bigger.

tigertron2744d ago

I have to say, the whole Disneyland thing at the conference was terribly cringeworthy, especially those kids shouting "watch out for the cannon" and "woah!" with their arms out. *Sighs* Fortunatly, Halo CE, Halo 4, Gears 3 and ME3 came to the rescue.

Stephen55432744d ago

Dumbest spot was when the kids looked at each other and said "Captain Hook..." as the demo ended.

tigertron2744d ago

Yeah, what Microsoft fail to realise is that Kinect is aimed at casual gamers, casuals who probably have never heard of E3, let alone have watched the conference. It was just a whole facepalm moment, except for the games I mentioned.

DJMarty2744d ago

Lame, all Kinect stuff is/was.

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