Battlefield 3 beta in September

TVGB: "The long-known-about multi-platform Battlefield 3 beta has received a launch window; expect it some time in September."

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Dart892688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Wait so we can get our hands on this earlier??

Someone pinch i must be dreaming.

captain-obvious2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )


gamers rejoice

Trunkz Jr2687d ago

So... Do people who got MoH get to play a closed Beta or something? wtf?

Son_Lee2688d ago

The live demo at E3 bored me to tears.

norman292688d ago

May have been long but damn it was b e a utiful

thong_pounder2688d ago

bf3 demo was beautiful and intense, not like where Mw3 demo was same animation with a different setting. But some people find it very interesting, because of too much action. Ea owned activision by announcing battle log for free. Lol at activision " elite wasn't possible without a subscription fee " yea tell that bungie and dice

Thrillhouse2688d ago

I thought it was phenomenal. The pacing built some great tension for the inevitable battle.

awesomeperson2688d ago

Are you sure that wasn't the MW3 demo?

mafiahajeri2688d ago

LOOL so true I think hes confused...

Jac5al2688d ago

They could of chose a better level to showcase the game, but it was still fantastic.

Nes_Daze2688d ago

First you think Moaning Adventures of Lara Croft is better than UC3, now you think the BF3 demo was boring? Hmmm...

5119ent2688d ago

sitting in the tank was kinda like...okay when u going to get out

Son_Lee2688d ago

I can't stand Black Ops or Call of Duty. I just felt like sitting in that tank was boring. The graphics and everything else were phenomenal. It just felt like something needed to happen, and it never did.

5119ent2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Son im with was boring and pretty but for pc gamers

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Killzone3Helghast2688d ago

I jizzed at how graphicaly it looks but that's on the PC only which I'll be getting.. 32v32 ftw!

Series_IIa2688d ago

PC version was mind blowing

iamnsuperman2688d ago

very true. I am worried about the lack of console footage. PC looks stunning but as a console gamer I am not going to consider buying this until I see more console stuff

KillerPwned2688d ago

I hope i can get in PC beta. I`m already up for PS3 beta but i bought a new GPU just for this game so i hope i can play it early on PC!

Pandamobile2688d ago

It's an open beta. You can play on whatever platform you want.

captain-obvious2688d ago

i'll be getting both and comparing thats for sure

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