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Tomb Raider: Anniversary - GameSpot's review

GameSpot review Lara Croft's latest outing. The game looks good and sounds great but suffers from occasional frame rate issues.

"The graphics are on par with the PC version, though we did notice a few, isolated instances of frame rate chop, despite the fact that there's nothing in here that should be taxing the 360 hardware for that to occur. The environments might not always be rich with detail, but Lara looks consistently great. It's also a really great-sounding game." (Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Xbox 360) 7.5/10

Ares84  +   2519d ago
Oh yea???
And where is the PS3 version Eidos???? Where is it??????
Rossi-4-Ever  +   2519d ago
7.5 Eh Eh Eh
Oh yeah all of a sudden this game is as good as ratchet and clank?

Gamespot is full of s**t!!!!

ps3 all the way
DeckUKold  +   2519d ago
why is it lower than the PSP although i want to get this now im going to wait for the wii version review and see which one i buy what do N4g people think 360 ver or WII

EDIT: I wonder why the wii version takes longer to come is it that did 360 version was a ps2 exact port?
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Antiomo  +   2519d ago
i see t his game is as good as
ratchet hahaha, must have too much spice
Rossi-4-Ever  +   2519d ago
oh yes it is
only in the eyes of gamespot, i hope u are being sarcastic my friend!
gtgcoolkid  +   2519d ago
Sh*t Site
Why does their biased crap keep getting approved?

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