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BakedGoods2575d ago

I'm glad Insomniac is able to stretch their wings and go multiplat--I'm just hoping they can maintain their PS3-exclusive quality in their multiplat's.

MasterCornholio2575d ago

I am pretty sure that they wont screw PS3 owners over with their multiplats. Since all their fans are Playstation owners it would be suicide to do that. Anyways i cant wait to see more of this title.

sikbeta2575d ago

Count me in, this is Insomniac we're talking about, Quality assured...

2575d ago
Ju2575d ago

Looks cool, yes. Has something. Good luck to Insomniac. I hope they maintain their technical quality level.

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velocitygamer2575d ago

Can't wait for the E3 reveal. I have faith in Insomniac games.

Tripl3seis2575d ago

insomniac u guys are awesome i wish u guys the best of luck and cant wait for ur new game!!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.