The Good, Bad and Ugly: Complete Recap of Microsoft's Conference

GPT: "Well there you have it, Microsoft just finished opening up E3 2011 with a much better show than last year. No doubt everyone has already heard about the two new Halo announcements, but maybe some of the smaller details slipped under. I'll be doing my best to give you a quick recap of the Microsoft conference while it's still fresh."

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BeaRye2745d ago

The bad, the ugly, and the s*** MS should be ashamed of.

The Great Melon2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Fist Bump!

I love E3.

WhittO2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

lol @ skittles.

I missed most of MS conference, I watched up to the advert of Voice control on Kinect (ground breaking..), did I miss much after that? lol.

Anyone know where I can watch it now?

The Great Melon2745d ago

Gears of War and Halo 4 were the only other announcements that I thought were noteworthy, unless you enjoy games such Kinect Sesame Street or Disneyland...

jonlynch2745d ago

I thought they actually did really well. Besides making bad jokes, what didnt you like?

SuicidalTendencies2745d ago

You're either joking or a Kinect owner. That conference was horrible.

Redempteur2745d ago

what i didn'lt like ?

the fake kinect moment ?
the problem is that it was 70% of the conf ..

Tomb raider looked very good for the reboot ..
but it's multiplatform, same with MW3

forza 4 was lies ...

mass effect isn't anything that isn't possible with a regular mic and looked like a waste of time .. EA presentation of mass effect was better ( and grandiose )

Gears 3 was good, halo 4 reveal was good too.

Anniversary is a joke IMO. it looks like A downloadable title.

The Great Melon2745d ago

I am wondering if the voice controls will also be present in the PS3 version of Mass Effect. I don't see any technical reason why they can't be implemented.

morganfell2745d ago

SOCOM on the PS2 did the entire voice application...last generation.

I like Mass Effect but if they do not get rid of all of the trip box moments in ME2 it might finally get the score the second one deserved...which wasn't anywhere above a 90. Far too many times of entering a room or location and the magic door locks behind you. And guess what? It opens with the same magic when the bad guys are dead.

The first one didn't need such cheap game mechanics, but then again the first ME was an actual RPG.

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darthv722745d ago

I wasnt expecting very much from MS simply because they dont have the studios to deliver the games at the same volume as sony. Then again, they dont have to.

MS has made the 360 like windows. Lay the ground work and let other come in and make their applications work with it and make it better.

Are we suddenly forgetting all the hype leading up to e3? It is a set up for fail if it doesnt deliver what you are personally looking for.

I will say I was a bit surprised at halo 4 so soon after reach.

D2K2745d ago

The sad part about it is that Microsoft did EXACTLY what I expected them to. That's the problem. I didn't think they would learn from their mistakes last year and they didn't. In fact, they enhanced them.

Microsoft has become drunk with the success of the Kinect and are expecting it to be as if not MORE successful as the Wii. For their sake, it damn well better be.

thesummerofgeorge2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

I think you're on to something there darth.... But what do you tell those who already had low expectations, and were disappointed that Microsoft lived down to them?

SilentNegotiator2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Good: Halo remake (Not messed with like I was afraid it would be), Halo 4 (Not until late 2012, because MS doesn't announce games far ahead of time /s), Gears 3, Minecraft (IFF I don't have to use Kinect).

Bad: Star Wars game confirmed on-rails (Not unexpected, though), Timed COD Maps, Forza 4 stuff was really brief, Minecraft (IFF it's Kinect only), lots of children's Kinect games.

Ugly: Crytech's sword game is on-rails Kinect, Fable takes a turn for the worse, Lots of Kinect stuff that isn't actually for a game, No Kinectimals 2: Skittle's electric boogaloo.

Marceles2745d ago

I think MS has taken their tight lipped approach in their conferences a bit too far now. It's not about expecting too much, I honestly didn't know what to expect since they always give a "stay tuned" approach.

Well actually, I knew what to expect: Halo, Forza, Fable, Mass Effect, Gears. Now I regret staying tuned...the biggest surprise was Ice T coming out, if you even want to call it a surprise.

aceitman2745d ago

that was worst then the worst nintendo and sony event to date . my friend said hes trading in all his games and 360 and getting a ps3 .

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D2K2745d ago

...coffin lid shut on any chance of catching Nintendo that is. They certainly nailed THAT.

Lacoste232745d ago

Seems Microsoft is trying to imitate Nintendo’s success with the Wii buy pushing the Kinect as much as possible…
I think Sony’s press conference will be lacking as well, maybe just a whole lot of apologizing for being hacked…With rumors surrounding a new console coming from Nintendo it sounds like they will steal this years E3 again…it’s sad that Sony(Move) and Microsoft(Kinect) are trying to duplicate Nintendo’s success with the Wii, but Nintendo is ready to move on and do something new(Project Cafe) I guess Nintendo is a leading the way and everyone else is just trying to play catch-up when it comes to innovation and paving the way.

GunShotEddy2745d ago

Except for the fact that NOTHING displayed today on Kinect could be achieved on the Gamecube waggle - or as you call it "Wii". They actually impressed me for once with Kinect, minus the bad actors.

D2K2745d ago

Yeah. With the Wii you use a controller to waggle in Star Wars games. With Kinect you use your bare hands to waggle in Star Wars games.

2745d ago
live2play2745d ago

the casual, the bad actors, and the lagfest

kneon2745d ago

The Star Wars lag looked particularly bad, he was almost done a swing before it started moving on screen.

But to be fair we don't know how much lag is introduced by the video system they are running there, it could be quite a bit more than your typical TV.

WhiteLightning2745d ago

It was bad and I find it hard not to laugh when I think of all the 360 fanboys "Oh Microsoft are just waiting untill E3 so they can blow Sony/Nintendo out of the water"

I really want to see Kevin Butler at Sonys conference take the piss like when he made the blue ponchos joke last year

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