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TrevorPhillips2420d ago

No effin way! day one buy for me :D

Hagaf222420d ago

So this will release before MW3, right? If so that will help them with sales. BF3 is going to be amazing, going to be a refreshing change to cod.

waterboy2420d ago

their two different games thats the same thing to say battlefield would be a huge change if you went from battlefield to cod

MGRogue20172420d ago

day one for you, day one for everyone! :D

Xristo2420d ago

I don't know how legit this source is but if it's true....


Thrungus2420d ago

It's true my friend! :)

Xristo2420d ago

You sir, have made my day! :)

nihonlight2420d ago

Couldn't come soon enough!
I love how they said Nov 11, then Mw3 said Nov 8
Now they are saying Oct!
Its war!!!
Hope they say next month! lol

RyuCloudStrife2420d ago

not really... they just scared

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The story is too old to be commented.