Halo: Anniversary Exclusive First Look from 343 Industries

In this exclusive look at Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, 343 Industries discusses their thoughts behind the classic remake of the first Halo game, their vision for the title, and what fans can expect from the future of Halo.

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Cajun Chicken2724d ago

Okay, okay. I am just LOVING the button to switch between definitions and textures. That's bloody amazing.

bodybombs2724d ago

im stoked for this. ive been wanting to play a remastered halo ce for years now

Mr_Jarhead_4_Life2724d ago

OMG! I cant believe its been 10 years since I first played the original Halo. Time does fly. Cant wait to relieve all those good memories with this updated version!

tplarkin72724d ago

It's a game that is replayable and enjoyable, even today.

gamer12322724d ago

Awesome!!! I hope they implement Forge and Theater mode even though they weren't in Combat Evolved.

guigsy2724d ago

As good as this sounds, they've kind of killed the buzz for it after announcing Halo 4. Nice to hear that it won't be a full priced game though.

IronFistChinMi2724d ago

I don't think the buzz has been killed, as they state in the interview on Halo Waypoint, that the Terminals from H3 will return and contain info of H4.

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