Gears of War 3 Screenshots from E3

GPT: "Cliffy B made an appearance at this year's MS press conference for E3. Not a big surprise there as Gears is one of Microsoft's biggest franchises. Along with Gears of War 3 cast member Ice T, Cliffy showed off some nice footage of the upcoming Gears sequel. In addition to the screens below which show off the action that was on display, we also have news that Hoard Mode is returning in Gears of War 3 along with a special track made exclusively for the game by Ice T's band Body Count."

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BeaRye2748d ago

Another big exclusive for a console people wanted to write off.

GunShotEddy2748d ago

I love how everyone said Xbox 360 wouldn't have any exclusives. How can you forget about the greatest shooters of this gen - Halo and Gears?

StanSmith2748d ago

Gears 3 will be great. Halo anniversary will be great too.

Halo 4...Let's just say i've got mixed feelings towards that one! I haven't enjoyed a single Halo game since Halo 2.

I'm looking forward to playing Halo Anniversary online though! Halo 1 & 2 had the best multiplayer maps of the series (excluding reach as i'm yet to play that so can't comment on it yet).

ShyGuy132748d ago

Anyone see the Mech? =O

Paradicia2748d ago

The silver back? Hell yeah XD

I wish cliffy would've got in it for the demo :L

jonlynch2748d ago

Looked like they borrowed from Lost Planet with those mechs. But if I remember correctly, Capcom and Epic did a Gears of War and Lost Planet video together.