E3 2011: The Kinect Disconnect

This year at E3, Microsoft’s focus was clearly on Kinect. Be it Kinect integration with controller-based games or a slew of new Kinect games, the wildly successful controller-free peripheral had a massive showing. Unfortunately, it failed to impress.

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Just_The_Truth2749d ago

I don't own a Xbox or kinect but watching that conference made me sad. The coolest things shown were the 3rd party games. Everyone defended MS and believed in them and this is what they get. I'm not even glad i can throw this in the faces of the people that constantly defended kinect, no now i'm just feeling sorry honestly.

MariaHelFutura2749d ago

The coolest thing shown was a weapon customization screen......let`s be honest.

SilentNegotiator2749d ago

It was children's games, games on rails, and some voice implementation that could be done using any cheap microphone (the implementations shown don't REALLY take advantage of Kinect).

The Great Melon2749d ago

Arghh... the rails. Sure there may be more games now, but everything is on rails!

Pedobear Rocks2749d ago

How many developers does MS own? Of course most of their games are going to be 3rd Party (and thus this gen almost all multiplat to boot)

cheetorb2749d ago

So long MS, it's been fun playing with you.

live2play2749d ago

ok yes i honestly think that 8 year olds will have a blast with kinect, its great for them
but e3 is no place to impress kids and casuals.. they are not watching

Mr Tretton2749d ago

A big part of the E3 audience is also investors and publishers.

Not defending MS or anything, just saying, E3 is not all about gamers. E3 used to be something we couldn't even watch in the past.

SilentNegotiator2749d ago

True. The original Playstation was announced pretty much with a powerpoint.

darthv722749d ago

expecting flashy stuff on stage and substance in the games that are shown. But if we let our own personal hype get the best of us we will never really see what is being shown.

Sometimes it isnt about what you see now, its about the potential in how something is made and giving ideas on how to take it one step further.

Cajun Chicken2749d ago

Kinect became a microphone today.

darren_poolies2749d ago

haha this made me laugh, bubble for you!

LOLconsoles2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Plenty of material for images at least.

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The story is too old to be commented.