Microsoft E3 Review: It was all about the journey

[email protected]: "Lots was revealed. Lots was applauded. Lots was...a bit boring. Microsoft just wrapped up their E3 show, and we're here to pick up the pieces. While we can analyse the individual reveals, we also have to look at the conference as a whole; just how well did it start off the Expo?"

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MrAwesome2723d ago

I missed it :(

Slightly off topic:Does anyone know if Sony's and Nintendo's E3 are going to be shown at Spike?

fluffydelusions2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Not sure, but both are online.
For Sony I know you can watch on PS Blog, gamespot, and also within Home. Nintendo you can likely watch on gamespot tomorrow.

MrAwesome2723d ago

Thanx +bub for helpful
But that's what im looking to avoide, my internet provider isn't the best and it could fail me any time

Jazz41082723d ago

No I checked when I set my tivo. It was just ms conference unless my guide on tivo was wrong.

LolololRumz2723d ago

I heard that you can download sonys from the store when its done

punisher992723d ago

I'm sorry. but Microsoft's conference just sucked. It was boring as heck. Well I guess if you are into Sesame street and Disney Land, you loved it. Also, I heard nothing but kinect kinect kinect kinect kinect kinect the whole conference. And then their was the usual Halo, Gears, Forza, and Fable announcement that they have every year. I almost fell asleep.

live2play2723d ago

journey to the center of the earth because thats where xbox fanboys need to go in order to hide from today's conference

PR_FROM_OHIO2723d ago

Yep straight to downhill!!!!!!!! What has happen to Microsoft????????

zeddy2723d ago

without doubt the worst e3 conference microsoft has given. no matter what happens with nintendo or sony, microsoft will finish last this e3.

m232722d ago

I liked this conference a lot more than last year.

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