Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary US Box Art Revealed

One of Microsoft's key announcements for the hardcore and longtime Xbox fan was the revealing of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. Celebrating the title's 10th Anniversary, Microsoft and 343 Studios will remaster the original Halo title with HD enhanced graphics, online multiplayer, and new content to make the experience fit the new era of gaming while retaining the core that made the original Halo so special.

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turnerdc2723d ago

Will buy :). November is getting really crowded for me.

user8586212723d ago

hell yh! finally get to try this with co-op online :D

turnerdc2723d ago

I remember playing this "online" through XBConnect. The latency was a problem sometimes but boy was it a blast!

D2K2723d ago

XBConnect was PERFECT. You create a room, let people join, and start the game. I miss those days so much.

2723d ago
Paradicia2723d ago

Subtle choice of colours for the armour. I like the glow effect on chiefs visor :)

Will be sure to pick this come November.

Convas2723d ago

Epic Winning. Day Motherflipping ONE!

grifter0242723d ago

So they are making Halo 1 in HD with LIVE multiplayer and maps from BOTH halo 1 and 2.

All they need to do is throw in the Halo 2 lobby system and I will never play another multiplayer game again besides BF3 ofcourse.

After that abismal game called "Reach," Looks like 343/gear are off to a good start.

Also does anyone else NOT miss the Lobby system from 2? I loved that little sound when you got a message in Halo2.

Solidus187-SCMilk2723d ago

making a clan was easy and fighting other clans to increase you clan rank was awesome.

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