E3 2011: Top 5 disappointments of Xbox 360 Conference (No 720 till 2013?)

GameXplain Says: " With Microsoft's conference over, we reflect back on what Microsoft didn't announce or just didn't deliver.

1. No Xbox 720:
With Halo 4 announced for Holiday 2012 for 360 does this confirm that Microsoft's next console won't be out till 2013?"

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fluffydelusions2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

What's the point in releasing a new xbox when 360 and Kinect are both selling better than ever? This much should have been obvious with them making improvements to add more space to DVD as well as releasing the slim model last year. No point in such an investment only to release a new console. Current consoles are fine till 2013.

trollpolice2629d ago ShowReplies(6)
newsguy2629d ago

good point about the xbox 720, i guess it's not coming out til 2013 at the earliest. does this mean halo 5 and 6 will be on the 720?

live2play2629d ago

i think microsofts conference was great!
i mean they gave us potential new internet memes such as LIGHTSABER ON and FIST BUMP!

dc12629d ago

It’s a joke.. the conference was a mess..

dc12629d ago

Plus Bub @CaCI
The kid actors were great... ''FISTBUMP'' lol

I wanted the MS Conference to be good..... sad face..

5119ent2629d ago

They need to start building a first party for next gen....

fluffydelusions2629d ago

They should but we all know they won't.

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