Microsoft's E3 Conference Shows Way Too Much Kinect, So Long Controller

"When I first bought my Kinect, I must admit that I thought "where are the good games?" But after watching this year's Microsoft conference, I realized just why games should stick to the controller."

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Trexman892745d ago

I'd like to quote a David Jaffe Tweet

"What's this I hear about KINECT Disneyland being unveiled at E3?!? Oh hells motherfuckin yeah you KNOW that's day 1 for me!!!"

darthv722745d ago

An go figure you had the most diverse library with the PS2.

Not to mention that if MS had nothing to show for kinect, people would be all over them for lack of support.

You just cant please everyone but at least you can try. Kinect is an option to use in some of these games like move. Lets not be hypocritical now.

5119ent2745d ago

darthv72 when it takes away from the games we already love then yes its a problem...

MidnytRain2745d ago

That's a bad excuse. It's not like they're incapable of supporting both hardcore games and Kinect.

Tru_Ray2745d ago

@ Darth

The users here do not have a problem with diversity, bro. They have a problem with the shift in brand strategy towards the causals. Remember back in 2007 when MS was all about hardcore games? Well with 8 million units of Kinect sold those days are over.

When that Sesame Street game popped up during the press conference I knew that MS had officially sold out to the casuals.

Kinect is hardly a revolution. Those voice commands have been around since the PS2 days.

darthv722745d ago

We all know the stable of MS 1st and 2nd party developers is pretty thin. This is going on a limb here and saying that while MS may be trying to support both, the 3rd party guys will be making up the majority of the slack.

MS is not Sony. They arent Nintendo either. Their main goal was to creat a platform that developers could release software on for as varied a crowd as they possibly could.

MS is trying to mimic the PS2 era with their software available for practically anyone. If you step out of this gen for a moment and look back at what made the PS2 a success you will see that is where MS is getting their inspirations.

It doesnt matter if this or that has been done before. What matters is that MS is getting it done here and now for the 50+ million users they have. Not waiting for when it is good for you but taking the initiative and offering choice to gamers.

Face it, wii doesnt give you choice. Not in the sense that "core" gamers are looking for. PS3 is all about the core but that is a minority these days. Sony knows this as well. We can make MS and the 360 become the whipping post all we want but the truth is they have games coming out for ALL kinds of gamers.

I think what has many people defensive is that they are going in all these directions at the same exact time. Giving the impression that they dont support this side or that side. Supporting gaming as a whole is a bad thing?

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Reibooi2745d ago

I was pretty disappointed by the conference. While there were a few cool ideas to use Kinect with Mass Effect and Ghost Recon I still think it's pointless as those same tasks are easily accomplished with a controller in less time(and in the case of Mass Effect you talking out loud breaks immersion even though it's meant to do the reverse doublely so if you are playing the opposite gender Shepard like I do for example)

Not to mention the only real core game that was shown that was new was Halo 4 and everyone knew it was coming before hand thanks to the leak.

Misterhbk2745d ago

"wait until E3. MS is saving all their big games for E3"

Yes..Disneyland, and Sesame street...I can see why they waited for the big reveals.

nix2745d ago

goes well with their hardcore fanboys. q;

SilentNegotiator2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

It was Halo, Gears, kinect with some multiplats (but just with implementation that would work with a $5 microphone), and more Kinect.

The Kinect games were.......cute. But most of the implementation was boring.

It was about 90% Kinect. Which was painful.

Tyre2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

@ Kon Sad for Microsoft, it's not THE reality, it's Microsoft's reality, let em keep it. I say no controller, no Microsoft. I'll be PS3 only in a short while if they keep this up.

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Valay2745d ago

It was kind of a "meh" conference. Was expecting more since Microsoft has been pretty quiet mostly.

Sunhammer2745d ago

Quiet with good reason, Valay. If they would have hyped their conference for what it was, no one would have cared.

And a shocker that their biggest announcement was Halo 4.

...Shocker indeed.

SpaceSquirrel2745d ago

I was expecting more from them.

doctorstrange2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

I'm just so glad that when they showed Halo 4 they didn't say "With Kinect!". Then again, they didn't say it wouldn't be coming :S

dbjj120882745d ago

Better than i thought it would be, but not bad!

despair2745d ago

really? were you watching the same thing I was, other than the known announcements the only interesting one was Halo 4 and it was outed by their own website before the conference. Sesame street, disney kids game on the conference why?

No forza 4 gameplay, an underwhelming Gears 3 demo, and the rest was kinect, and most were as dumb as what they announced 2 years ago, even features announced last year are resurfacing now for it like voice commands and object capture.

joinsideke2745d ago

They had the bumpers up on their lane, and still bowled a 40. Maybe they were trying to be ironic?

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