So where are the new IPs for the Xbox 360?

There is new exclusive Kinect games
There is new 3rd Party AAA games using Kinect
There is Halo: Anniversary and Halo 4
But where are the new AAA titles that is exlusive to the Xbox 360?

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NYC_Gamer1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

none because lack of first party studios

Abash1816d ago

And because they have too big of a focus on Kinect

turnerdc1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

I'm really excited to see if all this Kinect integration works smoothly. If it works great and adds to the game experience then I'm all for it!

the_kutaragi_baka1816d ago

So where are the new IPs for the Xbox 360?

only HALO milking and nothing more... -____________-

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Delicious Malicious1816d ago

Microsoft has first party developers. they choose to develop for this kiddy kinect krap

metsgaming1816d ago

The new IP's for the 360 are all kinect games.

fluffydelusions1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Sesame Street and Disneyland...duh

turnerdc1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Insomniacs new series is coming to 360. Although not exclusive it's a completely new IP.

turnerdc1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Hmmmmm, don't understand the facepalm. It is a new IP that's coming to the 360 is it not?

Delicious Malicious1816d ago

Hey focker420 real original account name you cliche Idiot. yeah we get it you smoke weed, your worthless, don't have a job and you suck sausage to make ends meet, yeah we get it. Facepalm!

Focker4201816d ago

@Delicious Malicious

Wow, ya you sure know me you ignorant bigot. Way to generalize and rely on stereotypes. Not only are you an asshole, but you're a close-minded and misinformed asshole.


I did a facepalm because exclusives are really the only important thing. Sure its another multi-plat but exclusives are what make you decide whether to buy a console or not.

GameZenith1816d ago

Thats the thing, where are the exlusives? Where is the next Halo?

I guess it is obvious that this year M$ focused on Kinect so maybe next year it would be more hardcore game driven and possibly a tease at the next Xbox console.

turnerdc1816d ago

As long as there are quality games coming to a platform does it really matter if it is exclusive or not?

AceofStaves1816d ago

@turnerdc: exclusivity doesn't matter when it comes to people who already own a 360, but exclusives are important for attracting new buyers.

If you can get the same game on a console you already own, there's less incentive to go out and buy that new console.

turnerdc1815d ago

Yeah but that's only important to you if you play the sales game.

badkolo1816d ago

no it doesnt but it doesnt look good when all they are doing is rehashing games and making new kinect games, they said the core wont be abandoned but where are the new games.