More Information on Halo Remake, price hint, Features Classic Halo

Here are some new details on the upcoming Halo Remake game.

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MasterD9192661d ago

This is an excellent game to play to get ready for Master Chiefs return in Halo 4 next year =)

KeiserSosay47882661d ago

I swear to god if they put armor lock in this game I will be so pissed. Just make it like halo 1 with, maybe, assassinations.

NoobJobz2661d ago

I think theyre leaving all the new stuff out. It should be same weapons as it was when it came out.

bodybombs2661d ago

be prepared for pistol rape in multiplayer

turnerdc2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Yeah, assassinations are in. It shows one in the trailer. Hope they add some new ones though!

A7XEric2661d ago

That's in multiplayer, which is running on the Reach engine.

Single player is literally Halo 1 with some new textures running over top of it, which you can toggle on and off.

DarkBlood2661d ago

your just mad that u cant kill someone right away with armor lock, you need to skill up better then

lugia 40002661d ago

Yea, armor lock has lots of skill, like being a chicken when you have no shields.

People use that because they can't get a decent kd spread on the game

DarkBlood2661d ago

well people got me pretty good when i come close to ramming them only to be blowned up at the last second by the lock lol

so i say its pretty usefull in situations like that though i should of saw that coming if that person wasnt going to try to dodge anyways lol

FlashXIII2661d ago

Best thing to come out of microsoft's E3!! Hope it doesn't have bloom.

Metfanant2661d ago

so its NOT using the Halo Reach engine...its just an updated overlay on the original game...interesting...not sure what to think of that..

Jac5al2661d ago

The multiplayer is using the reach engine.

Metfanant2661d ago

ahh!...yeah i kinda gathered that from one of the latest articles posted...

again...not so sure what to think of that...personally...i think the campaign should have gotten the same treatment...makes it seem like 343 cut some corners there...

theEx1Le2661d ago

They don't want to change the feel of the original game, I think its a good thing.

Metfanant2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

yeah...not sure im buying that reasoning...but whatever...still buying the game...

the "feel" of the multiplayer was just as important to the original game as was the campaign...

the fact that the Multiplayer portion of the game is going to be using the Reach Engine...while the campaign gets an "HD Upgrade" to preserve the "feel" makes me worry about how the Multiplayer is going to play...

yamzilla2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

(actual youtube view)

why is it running at 10 frames per second, it better be 1080p at 60 frames or they can suck it, there are literally 100's of maps on the pc version, dedicated servers with 1000's still playing, it runs at 300 frames per second if you want it to, (i like v-sync 60)

7 maps....gtfo!!

There were like 20 at launch for the pc bastards will nickle and dime your for dlc

oh yah and you can bet they will charge $39.99 for this 10 year old's $10 on pc

and it runs on a $20 gpu....xbox360 and ps3 owned for $20

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