MMGN: Microsoft E3 2011 Keynote Impressions

Ben Salter of MMGN: I’m left a little underwhelmed by Microsoft’s E3 keynote. It wasn’t helped by the leaks yesterday that gave away everything they were going to reveal – they were spot on – but regardless, they didn’t announce much new.

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-Mezzo-2723d ago

I was Pathetic to say the least. And no Alan Wake i was expecting it to be here.

metsgaming2723d ago

well maybe alan wake will be at gamescom ?

Skip_Bayless2723d ago

And Aaron Greenburg said there was gonna be way more exclusives annouced because of the lack of exclusives prior. Thanks for trying but they haven't showed us anything that changes there identity.

Neko_Mega2723d ago

I know what they were going to bring, I known we were going to see a new Halo game but two? Yeah I'll get both but I think Halo and Gears 3 are about the best for 360 has shown to offer.

Don't really care for Kinect.

live2play2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

it left me impressed alright
i thought nintendo had the casual thing bone dry
but ms just squeezed a whole lot of juice from the fruit that is the casual

IRetrouk2723d ago

whats that do for you though?

MasterCornholio2723d ago

I knew there would be a lot of Kinect games but what i wasnt expecting was so many. Anyways at least they showed some good core titles such as Gears and Halo.

YourFlyness2723d ago

With all the rails that is Kinect, why no Time Crisis?

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