How Forza Motorsport 4 will change car culture forever

With Forza Motorsport 3, Microsoft's Turn 10 Studios tried creating the greatest racing game of its generation. Arguably, it was. On October 11th, when Forza Motorsport 4 is released for Xbox 360 they're setting their sights higher — creating the next generation of car enthusiasts.

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disturbing_flame2057d ago

Forza will be a really cool game.

But change car culture forever ?
Come on guys there were car games long before Forza, i know some of you can be young but yes it's real.

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zeal0us2057d ago

please don't say kinect-controls, I'm about to kill myself hearing about kinect usage or etc

SpLinT2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

never liked the real racing sims. I like Burnout type of racing, even mario kart is funner. F-Zero , motorstorm. Anything. I have a real car for a sim

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