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EasilyTheBest2723d ago

Day 1 for me.... I loved the first one...

Neko_Mega2723d ago

Football on the same screen, I don't know what they were thinking.

Kind of wish Microsoft would let RARE make some good games and not Kinect ones.

ForROME2723d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

You know at first I was like kinect is overrated, however I played it for hours and worked up a sweat and said its pretty neat and gets you active even if just you.

Now that it can be claimed a success and move looks horrid next to it now - with MS putting full support behind it, and holly wood taking note - This game and Kinect hardcore or not, its time to pick one up. All the items are going to be generic styled in one form or the next, they will tweak upwards as time goes on, if anything this thing gets you off the couch, and its limitless in ideas, just check it out on youtube

2723d ago
Fallouts2722d ago

Looked good. Graphics was simple and clean, nice!

But I still want my Damn killer instinct!!!

ForROME2722d ago

I know! I thought I was the only one thinking about this game

I think KI and a price cut would have been a great move by MS.