Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster Hits Kinect [Exclusive]

The furry monsters of that famous street everyone has grew up with are hitting Microsoft's motion control Kinect. The title caters to the younger audience, which is great for us dads out there. Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster will be exclusive to both the Kinect and Xbox 360.

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nopunctuation2666d ago

Tim schaffer making sesame street games. Easily the most embarassing part of E3 2011.

Hagaf222666d ago

Correction to above:

Easily the most AMAZING part of E3 2011!!!!!!

This will sell 1m its first week!

hahahahaha MS' E3 11 FTW!!!

MintBerryCrunch2666d ago

"cue the simulated family" lol

best part of the made the crowd laugh

jack_burt0n2666d ago

Tim what have you done.......................... ......

SilentNegotiator2666d ago

I thought it was cute.
Tim's story about his daughter was sweet, too.

I suppose that it is sad that Tim's talent is being used towards a game like this. I mean, this is the guy behind Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, etc.

nopunctuation2666d ago

Yeah its cute but you just got to think about who is showing this. Microsoft, who used to be known for manly shooters like halo and gears are now showing off family titles in a sad effort to compete with nintendo. If I were a MS fanboy, I would be really angry at MS right now for changing its identity so much in order to follow nintendo and alienate thier hardcore fans.

Morgue2666d ago

Hey don't spoil the fun. You're sounding like Oscar the Grouch!!!

REALgamer2666d ago

Yes. How dare MS makes games for more than 1 segment of the market.

First people complain that Microsoft should have more variety than just shooters, and then complain that they should stick to shooters when they show different games.

I really dislike the attitude of many gamers this generation. It used to be all about supporting developers and celebrating great games. Now it's about complaining about every little thing, from the number of polygons in a head to how much games suck that aren't even aimed at you.

DNAbro2666d ago


But the problem is that this is e3. It's not for all of the casual players.

ssj2gohan832666d ago

I'm wondering how much MS payed out for Tim or his Studio, let alone the publisher, to do this game. And other games like Minecraft. Seriously, I really would like to know.

xtremexx2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

HARDCORE!!!!!! My Mum Would Never Let Me Have This :D

WetN00dle692666d ago

OR she might buy it that way every time you act up or are being bad in school she can torture you with it.

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The story is too old to be commented.