Microsoft's E3 - The Xbox is the new Wii

Call of Duty? Check. Halo? Check. Gears of War? Check. Fable? Check! Loads of Kinect games fans of the previous four games won’t play? Oh, you bettcha. It must be Microsoft’s E3 press event! You’d be forgiven if you had déjà vu after Microsoft’s E3 2011 press event this year as it was almost note for note the exact same presentation Microsoft gave last year.
After showcasing multiplatform title after multiplatform title, Microsoft tossed their core fans the expected Halo/Gears/Fable titles and then it was all Kinect.

The expected barrage of Kinect and Kinect enabled titles is where that we can see Microsoft’s new focus. It’s all Kinect, all the time. Microsoft again proved they’ve closed the door on delivering exclusive, original IP’s to the core fans who made their system what it is today.

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omi25p2696d ago

That crytek game looked quite good. Hope it isnt codename kingdoms though

Killzone3Helghast2696d ago

I'm afraid it is.. judging from the trailer it's gonna be like Star Wars but medevil times .. that's not a good thing either

YoMeViet2696d ago

its Romans, so more like ancient times. Wonder if you have to fight every single enemy like that...would be tiring...

nix2696d ago

WOW... MS looked really desperate. what's worse is Wii is coming out with new console and everyone is going to buy that one. neither MS is get casual crowd nor hardcore.

it was a really bad conference.

Sarobi2696d ago

Microsoft's conference was very disappointing, and after watching it i can safely say they probably lost E3 hard

ThatCanadianGuy2696d ago

One of the worst E3's i have ever seen.

2696d ago