E3 2011: Tyler's Time Travels

GP blogger writes a futuristic piece on tomorrow's E3 news and announcement, "E3 2010 had an impressive amount of announcements, innovative ideas and exclusive surprises. Nintendo revealing the 3DS, Microsoft unveiling 360 Kinect and Gabe Newell speaking on Sony's behalf were just a few of the moments that had people picking their jaws up off the floor. Most of you are probably thinking that there is no way the big three can top their E3 2010 performance, right? Well this past week I traveled into the future, attended E3 2011 and can now tell you with all certainty that E3 2011 blows E3 2010 away."

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e-p-ayeaH2745d ago

That pic tells you where im coming from and defnitly i hope to see new legend of dragoon.

LeonhartX2745d ago

sniff sniff...... I miss this game
MY DEAR LOD !!!!!! plz bring a sequel