E3 2011: 11 Reasons Why Microsoft’s Press Conference Sucked

I’ve already seen a bunch of people ranting and raving about how amazing Microsoft’s E3 press conference was, but me? I’ve noticed a few faults in it, just so Microsoft fanboys don’t to too high on their horse.

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bobbyluv2720d ago

Am I the only one that facepalmed when the kid said "FIST BUMP" LMAO

BulletToothtony2720d ago

To most of us here that care about games, the only thing that matters to us is good games and more than anything EXCLUSIVES.

The only reason why it sucked it cause it only showed what? 2 exclusives? pretty freaking sad for E3

PureDarkness2720d ago

And on top of that, no new IPs, those two good exclusives was another Halo and another Gears

BakedGoods2720d ago

Well all the Kinect games were exclusive--but meh, it's Kinect. Only casuals will truly care about it.

thehitman2720d ago

Worst showing Ever this conference shouldve been LAST E3 conference with what they showed w/ Kinect and the games WHERE the hell were they. All they did was put smiles on UBi/EA/Acti faces by advertising their games on MS stage. Pathetic really and sad and disappointing. Looking forward to Sony and especially Nintendo Conference Tomorrow.

Focker4202720d ago

Sony's conference is tonight

002720d ago

kinect ruins everything.

Dee_912720d ago

it really did i almost threw my tv out the window when i saw ryse was a kinect game lol

i enjoy kinect so far with the 2 games i have
but i dont see myself paying $60 for a kinect game nor any of those games they showed for kinect anytime soon ..

Brad131862720d ago

And no price drops on their consoles?

cr33ping_death2720d ago

seriously,its the only way im picking up a 360, guess ill buy refurb when gears 3 comes out.

Brad131862720d ago

Well I have $200 in credit that was supposed to go to the "recently cut price in the XBox 360 Slim", but now..., Sony, do you want my money?

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The story is too old to be commented.