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Airbornegamer: Microsoft's 2011 E3 conference review

After Microsoft's very disappointing 2010 E3 conference, many gamers are hoping for massive improvements this year that doesn't just cater to the casuals. Does Microsoft deliver to their fans? or does this years E3 also result in utter failure once again? Read on to find out. (E3, Xbox 360) 8.5/10

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meetajhu  +   1152d ago | Well said
8.5? It one the worst E3's i have seen in my life. Except Gears of War 3 everything else suc*ed to the core.
Thrillhouse  +   1152d ago
Agreed, that was just plain embarrassing for non-Kinect fans.

My reaction to Microsoft's E3 conference: http://i52.tinypic.com/v2wv...

I will laugh my ass off if Nintendo's conference is full of hardcore games on their new console.
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ksense  +   1152d ago
i call a 5 rating for sony conference if they think this is 8.5 because only a hardcore xbox fanboy would give this an 8.5. there was nothing groundbreaking and everything that was announced was expected. we knew halo 4 was gonna come but the only surprise they showed a trailer this year.

If you are a kinect fan then this conference was great but if u r an hardcore fan then this was just ok. gears was awesome and to think that was the only highpoint of the show as far as i am concerned.
LOGICWINS  +   1152d ago
Yeah, if your a Kinect fan and uve been waiting for hardcore support...then it was a good conference. But for a person who doesn't own a 360, this conference did nothing to intice me to get a 360.

I was expecting at least 2 new non-Kinect hardcore IP's
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Winter47th  +   1152d ago
I'll summerize the conference for you:

XBOX launch XBOX go XBOX play XBOX go back XBOX play XBOX dashboard XBOX rewind XBOX FUCKING DIE XBOX forward XBOXXBOXXBOXXBOXXBOX*headexplo de*
Anarki  +   1152d ago
that was plain embarrassing.
Peppino7  +   1152d ago
I give it a 7.5. The coolest games were multiplat during the beginning of the show. nothing really that great for kinect except voice mass effect and ghost recon weapon customization.
DatNJDom81  +   1152d ago
What a fanboy review....... I'm typing this while LOL.
come_at_me_bro  +   1152d ago
Give it up for Microsoft: sending back the video game industry two decades in 90 minutes. Every time I think video games are getting closer to being respected as an art form, something like this happens. Is it even worth trying to defend this kind of stuff anymore? Microsoft basically just parodied the entire industry.
alien626  +   1152d ago
Worst E3 Conference ever! 8.5? thats just being nice now should be much lower
firefoxprime  +   1152d ago
I say C+

Casual Kinect games killed it though...

Kinetic Sports Season 2:

I'm sorry...but who asked for this game lady???
Yeah. I thought so...
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R0me  +   1152d ago
MS wants more money and thats only possible if they can win families for kinect. They want fight with Nintendo. It sucks for all core gamers, bad conference.
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Shang-Long  +   1152d ago
when the guy went up and said an exciting new trilogy experience 4 the xbox 360. i was like Ok interesting!. as the trailer went it got my attention, then i saw master chief and went ohhh..
Anarki  +   1152d ago
Hey all you xbox fans, welcome to Playstation 3. Hope to see you all soon.
I_find_it_funny  +   1152d ago
pretty disappointing..

Nintendo and Sony to the rescue!

6/10 and I'm being generous
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egidem  +   1152d ago
I have to admit...that was a bad conference! You just witnessed Microsoft at it finest.

Halo --- check.
Gears --- check.
Fable ---- check.
Forza ---- check.

^^That's it for the hardcore

Bunch of horrible Kinect games --- check.

They just made it clear: they're now much more interested in the casuals than the hardcore.
malamdra  +   1152d ago
MS's E3 was pathetic, pitiful and shameful, and this "review" is the same

they're pissing on core gamers, and most of the Kinect stuff was fake (even those little kids could see that the scanning was fake)

Fable is now a light gun on rails game? pathetic
sikbeta  +   1152d ago
You can review conferences now? I want info about it, not some opinion about it...
S_C  +   1152d ago
As and xbox owner i was not impressed with that conference if sony offer a price cut e.g £150 ill buy a ps3 AGAIN but i will also keep my xbox, i seriously think that EA are going to blitz that showing that microsoft made , Battlefeild 3, Fifa 12 need i say anymore...... hope theres as many supprises in their conference as there were last year
I_find_it_funny  +   1152d ago

I am disapoint
Lifendz  +   1152d ago
Wow....so that's what a conference is like when a company only has a handful of exclusives? I'm not interested in Kinect and it feels like MS moved away from me because of that.
Commander_TK  +   1152d ago
I thought the show was good. And I don't even own the 360. Some great moments such as Gears, Tomb Raider, ME3, Ghost Recon was impressive and the Halo vids were pretty decent. 7-7.5/10. Although the cookiemonster thing and all the casual crap was stupid, especially since it was E3.
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HappyGaming  +   1152d ago
I missed it this year but WHAT? The only interesting thing was Gears of War 3?

Wasn't Gears of War 3 the only interesting thing last year?
FunAndGun  +   1152d ago
Reading all these comments! LOL

I love N4G.com

Oxymoron028  +   1152d ago
I had to facepalm when the stereotypical soccer mom came on to advertise a sports game.

Not even my Xbox Fanboy friends could believe the shit Microsoft were pulling during the conference.
theonlylolking  +   1152d ago
Gametrailers gave it a B for bullcrap.
Hagaf22  +   1152d ago
This was a terrible conference for MS. The first half was all multiplats, then they flooded the last half with kinect bs. They spent very little time on games that made xbox great- gears and halo. A terrible conference. Leaves the door open for sony and nintendo. both of which have alot of potential. Nintendos got the new console and sony has alot of exclusives to show.
chris m  +   1152d ago
Yeah that has to be the worst conference I've seen, MS have just alienated their core audience to try and get easy money from kinect
grailly  +   1152d ago
the worst part is... I missed the first half
RedDead  +   1152d ago
Haha, I normally laugh at Nintendo's conference, this year though...WTF MS ......WHAT THE FU**!
ElDorado  +   1152d ago
I agree man, it was really disappointing except for the Halo announcements and Gears of War 3 ofcourse, but we already knew of this games.. so nothing new. KinE3t was casual. Hope it's gonna be better next year. Still Halo 4 will be great!
blusoops  +   1152d ago
Honestly, I didn't see anything at the MS conference that would convince me ofbuying a 360. I mean "hardcore better with kinect" ME3 = voice commands?! Is that it?? Lol

End War had voice comands and so did socom on Ps2...so how is this mind blowing?

Only interesting thing I saw was IPTV, but of course, no price given.

So MS gets an 8.5 for this?? Wonder what Sony and Nintendo will get?
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Gamingisfornerds  +   1152d ago
Well, not "everything else" sucked. but most of it did indeed.

The worst part of it all is that every MS conference for the past years has had almost the exact same line-up: COD, Gears, Forza, Fable and Halo + some 3rd party timed exclusive(s) + the mandatory casual crap.

I mean, seriously...enough is enough!
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TheBlackSmoke  +   1152d ago
You have to be a complete MS sheep to even consider this an 8.5

-Mulitplats with kinect shoehorned in.

-Exclusives we already know about.

-90% of content was kinect on rails games inc: ryse and fable.

- and then "hey guys...some more Halo".. BAAAAAAA BAAAAAA

MS just proves that they dont care about gamers and they cant come up with new ips so they just recycle halo because they know it will sell.
dkp23  +   1152d ago
I find it odd every year seems to be the "worst e3 ever"...
fr0sty  +   1152d ago
Kinect does more rails than charlie sheen.
MinusTheBear  +   1152d ago
Haha what an underrated comment.
jack_burt0n  +   1152d ago
agreed it was a non stop cringe.
fatalred alarm  +   1152d ago
how did you type so fast? the stream was still running here when you submitted it..
Istanbull   1152d ago | Trolling | show
fatalred alarm  +   1152d ago
New halo looks good though, pretty sure most on the xbox waited for that.
NYC_Gamer  +   1152d ago
that score is way too high
N4PS3G  +   1152d ago
more like a 1.5/10 for gamers
news4geeks  +   1152d ago
I think 3/10 for gamers and 9/10 for casuals. 3/10 for Gears, Forza and Halo.

Aiming at the casuals is a smart move by microsoft, sony won't even come close to topping that sort of casual support and that's where the money is in gaming these days.
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hoof123  +   1152d ago
WTF, why are you reviewing a press conference!!

Like I said in another thread. It started off really well, but then the underwhelming Kinect kids games overload started!
Baka-akaB  +   1152d ago
it started quite badly imo ... I mean come on you start on MW3 ... it kinda set the tone (even if the feed was beautiful) .
hoof123  +   1152d ago
I missed the COD & Tomb Raider bits, I'm gonna go back and watch the Tomb Raider part though. I meant the hardcore games that are being integrated into Kinect.


I mean like Mass Effect looks like voice commands will be useful during combat.

And it's always good to see Ghost Recon.
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Fishy Fingers  +   1152d ago
Meant to be 8.5/100 or what?
Dark_Overlord  +   1152d ago
Way too much emphasis on Kinect, I didn't think it was that bad though (I've seen a lot worse), except the disney game (made me cringe) and the star wars game (major input lag)
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jidery  +   1152d ago
I would like to remind everyone that Reviews are based on Opinion, and that not everyones Opinion will be the same. I thought it offered much more than last year and was a massive improvement for Microsoft. Sure it wasn't the best, but thats why its not a 10/10. I attempted to review being as unbiased as possible. Sorry if you do not agree with me.
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ipe  +   1152d ago
much more??
it was almost the same thing, same games, instead reach there was halo 4- fitness game.

8.5 lmao too much of fanboy
dktxx2  +   1152d ago
"It looks like Microsoft is simply advertising for games rather than showing off what only Xbox has to offer."

Your words, and if the above doesn't drag down Microsoft's conference for you, then you do't know the purpose of the conference, to showcase what makes the Xbox worth having. Quite frankly, right now its not, unless you just need Halo.
Pedobear Rocks  +   1152d ago
The fact that you have 1 star might be because you show an inability to be unbiased ALL THE TIME. Why would your review be different?
Lionalliance  +   1152d ago
Then your opinion kinda sucks : /
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Lionalliance  +   1152d ago
Are you serious?!!!
It was horrible!!
SKUD  +   1152d ago
Fail all round bro. Sorry.
00  +   1152d ago
to much kinect
at least it wasn't as bad as last years, looking forward to see Sony's conference.
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Denethor_II  +   1152d ago
When did the reviews on E3 start? This is as bad as the pricks who say Sony win or MS win.
andron666  +   1152d ago
No big surprises, kinect all the way apparently.........
Mr-Dude  +   1152d ago
I had good hopes for MS conference...
I actually waited for the announce of GTA exclusive to XBox.
But hey, i liked the 3D drawing....My girl would love it!

Now Sony, blow us away!
Nes_Daze  +   1152d ago
I love how easy MS gets a free pass from some "journalists", an 8.5??? Seriously??
Bangladeshimo   1152d ago | Spam
astar123456789  +   1152d ago
They need to suck up to them I guess!?!?
omi25p  +   1152d ago
Er i enjoyed the conference, It showed all the games i wanted to see, all the core games looked great they showed a couple of kinect games i was actually interested in. I think 8.5 is a good review.
Adva  +   1152d ago
LOL MS replaced Nintendo this year. Nothing more than a 6/10 for Ghost recon gun customization and halo 4/ 1 HD.
JonnyBigBoss  +   1152d ago
8.5 is way too high. Just looks at the general consensues. That was one of the worst conferences in years.
Thecraft1989  +   1152d ago
It was the worst E3 I've ever watched in my entire life.
ThrazN7  +   1152d ago
i liked it? kinect is growing,so is xbox live not many core games but the one's shown looks great, it's not amazing but so much better than last year. and HALO 4 i was celebrating like a child again. sony is going to be even more awesome. the winners of E3 ARE.... THE GAMERS
jdfoster00  +   1152d ago
Is this a joke!!!!!!!!! I was so hyped for this and got let down so much. They have nothing for the HRDCORE FANS AT ALL!!!!!!!! MULTIPLATFORMS? WOW! HALO 4 ... HMM BUT I WANT NEW IP. FABLE GO walkies.... Omg 8.5? This didn't even deserve a 5... was awful!!!!!!
steve30x  +   1152d ago
My favourite part was the Xbox 720 reveal LOL (I kidding)(Ill get flagged for trolling watch LOL) Seriously the only two games I saw that were good was Forza 4 and Star wars Kinect. The rest was rubbish.
Optical_Matrix  +   1152d ago
The conference was aids. Best announcement to come out of MS this whole show wasn't even from their conference (Witcher 2 coming to consoles). No new core franchises, just Kinect, Kinect and more of those 4 franchises (Forza, Fable, Gears and Halo), that are rinsed every single E3. Bring on Nintendo and Sony's conferences. That was a joke imo.
Jac5al  +   1152d ago
I would give them a solid C. The only thing exciting was Halo 4, YouTube(app), Gears 3, Minecraft, and that's about it. They spent too much time on Kinect stuff, not enough games for the hardcore. There wasn't even one new IP showed..WDF Microsoft...
Harelgur  +   1152d ago
More like 0/10.
GoldPS3  +   1152d ago
You 100% right
FlashXIII  +   1152d ago
Wow with that rating I was expecting it to be from sarcasticgamer.. this guy is actually seriously think it was an 8.5? What's he smoking and where can I get some?
Justin_bristoe  +   1152d ago
they have to be kidding..that show was terrible for everyone because im 100 percent sure casuals arent watching e3 and second they only gave us 3 games that u can use controls for and one of them is 10 years old? smh at ms.they dont even show the shame
a_bro  +   1152d ago
more like a 7.
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